Signs can be used to express messages of any kind. To edit the sign, select it and click edit. When finished, simply select save and close. Simply closing the box will not save the text. Do note that other players may edit your sign by performing the same steps. Signs can be placed on the ground, on the sides of walls, and on ceilings. The sprite differs depending on where the sign is placed.


  • When editing a sign, the game can occasionally crash. The same bug affects Tombstones as well. This happens when you click outside of the typing area of the sign.
  • It is possible for a line of text to extend past the width of the sign.
  • Icon ps3 You can't write on the sign during an online game.
  • Icon mobile You can't edit the sign.

Update Info


  • Max stack increased from 250 to 999.

PC release

  • Added to the game.
Items Requiring Wood
Ammo Wooden Arrow
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Signs, followed by the cursor.