The Silver Bow is the fourth tier of bows, being one tier above the Iron Bow and one tier below the Gold Bow and Tungsten Bow. Like all bows, it fires arrows.

Update Info

PC release

  • Added to the game.


Bows & Repeaters
Item 39o.png  Wooden Bow Rich Mahogany Bow.png  Rich Mahogany Bow Ebonwood Bow.png  Ebonwood Bow Shadewood Bow.png  Shadewood Bow
Pearlwood Bow.png  Pearlwood Bow Palm Wood Bow.png  Palm Wood Bow Item 99o copper.png  Copper Bow Tin Bow.png  Tin Bow
Item 99o iron.png  Iron Bow Lead Bow.png  Lead Bow Item 99o silver.png  Silver Bow Tungsten Bow.png  Tungsten Bow
Gold Bow New.png  Gold Bow Platinum Bow.png  Platinum Bow Item 44o.png  Demon Bow Tendon Bow.png  Tendon Bow
Item 120o.png  Molten Fury Hellwing Bow.png Hellwing Bow Sharanga-s.png  Sharanga Item 2888(0).png  The Bee's Knees
Ice Bow(0).png  Ice Bow Marrow.png  Marrow Item 3029(0).png  Daedalus Stormbow Item 3052o.png  Shadowflame Bow
Item 3540(0).png  Phantasm Aerial Bane.png  Aerial Bane Item 2624o.png  Tsunami Item 2223o.png  Pulse Bow
Item 435o.png  Cobalt Item 1187o.png  Palladium Item 436o.png  Mythril Item 1194o.png  Orichalcum
Item 481o.png  Adamantite Item 1201o.png  Titanium Chlorophyte Shotbow(0).png  Chlorophyte Item 578o.png  Hallowed
Vulcan Repeater-s.png  Vulcan
Items Requiring Silver
Tools Silver Pickaxe · Silver Axe · Silver Hammer
Armor Silver Helmet · Silver Chainmail · Silver Greaves
Weapons Silver Broadsword · Silver Shortsword · Silver Bow
Furniture Silver Chandelier
Other Silver Bar · Silver Watch · Depth Meter · Silver Brick · Silver Brick Wall
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