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  • Metal Sink item sprite
    Metal Sink placed
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
Placeable✔️ (2 wide × 2 high)
Use time10 (Very fast)
Tooltip'Spider-sink, Spider-sink, does whatever a spider can...' (Spider Sink)
RarityRarity level: 0

Placed Sinks. Click the image to view a summary of each row.

The Sink is a decorative Furniture item that is also a crafting station. It does not fulfill a House's Flat Surface or Comfort item requirement.

The Sink can be used to craft items that require the Water crafting station.

There are currently 41 / 33 Sink types, all being functionally identical.



ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Nebula SinkNebula Sink
Internal Item ID: 4202
Ancient ManipulatorAncient Manipulator
Solar SinkSolar Sink
Internal Item ID: 4160
Stardust SinkStardust Sink
Internal Item ID: 4223
Vortex SinkVortex Sink
Internal Item ID: 4181
Bone SinkBone Sink
Internal Item ID: 2831
Bone WelderBone Welder
Lesion SinkLesion Sink
Internal Item ID: 3972
Decay ChamberDecay Chamber
Flesh SinkFlesh Sink
Internal Item ID: 2832
Flesh Cloning VatFlesh Cloning Vat
Glass SinkGlass Sink
Internal Item ID: 2842
Glass KilnGlass Kiln
Honey SinkHoney Sink
Internal Item ID: 2844
Honey DispenserHoney Dispenser
Frozen SinkFrozen Sink
Internal Item ID: 2848
Ice MachineIce Machine
Metal SinkMetal Sink
Internal Item ID: 2841
Iron AnvilIron Anvil
Lead AnvilLead Anvil
Lihzahrd SinkLihzahrd Sink
Internal Item ID: 2836
Lihzahrd FurnaceLihzahrd Furnace
Living Wood SinkLiving Wood Sink
Internal Item ID: 2833
Living LoomLiving Loom
Skyware SinkSkyware Sink
Internal Item ID: 2834
Sky MillSky Mill
Slime SinkSlime Sink
Internal Item ID: 2853
Steampunk SinkSteampunk Sink
Internal Item ID: 2845
Steampunk BoilerSteampunk Boiler
Bamboo SinkBamboo Sink
Internal Item ID: 4581
Work BenchWork Bench
Blue Dungeon SinkBlue Dungeon Sink
Internal Item ID: 2837
Boreal Wood SinkBoreal Wood Sink
Internal Item ID: 2852
Cactus SinkCactus Sink
Internal Item ID: 2854
Crystal SinkCrystal Sink
Internal Item ID: 3896
Dynasty SinkDynasty Sink
Internal Item ID: 2849
Ebonwood SinkEbonwood Sink
Internal Item ID: 2828
Granite SinkGranite Sink
Internal Item ID: 3149
Green Dungeon SinkGreen Dungeon Sink
Internal Item ID: 2838
Marble SinkMarble Sink
Internal Item ID: 3148
Martian SinkMartian Sink
Internal Item ID: 2855
Meteorite SinkMeteorite Sink
Internal Item ID: 3147
Mushroom SinkMushroom Sink
Internal Item ID: 2851
Obsidian SinkObsidian Sink
Internal Item ID: 2840
(Desktop versionConsole versionMobile versionNintendo Switch version)
Obsidian SinkObsidian Sink
Internal Item ID: 2840
(tModLoader version)
Palm Wood SinkPalm Wood Sink
Internal Item ID: 2850
Pearlwood SinkPearlwood Sink
Internal Item ID: 2830
Pink Dungeon SinkPink Dungeon Sink
Internal Item ID: 2839
Pumpkin SinkPumpkin Sink
Internal Item ID: 2846
Rich Mahogany SinkRich Mahogany Sink
Internal Item ID: 2829
Sandstone SinkSandstone Sink
Internal Item ID: 4312
Shadewood SinkShadewood Sink
Internal Item ID: 2835
Spider SinkSpider Sink
Internal Item ID: 3946
Spooky SinkSpooky Sink
Internal Item ID: 2847
Wooden SinkWooden Sink
Internal Item ID: 2827
total: 41 row(s)

Noncraftable Sinks[]

Sink Notes
Golden Sink Golden Sink
Internal Item ID: 2843
Dropped by Pirates.

Used to craft[]

Bottled WaterBottled Water
Coralstone BlockCoralstone Block (5) (Desktop versionConsole versionMobile versionNintendo Switch version)
Mud BlockMud Block
Wet BombWet Bomb
Wet RocketWet Rocket
total: 5 row(s)
Crystal BallCrystal Ball and WaterWater
Magic Water DropperMagic Water Dropper
Water CandleWater Candle (Desktop versionConsole versionMobile versionNintendo Switch versiontModLoader version)
Waterfall BlockWaterfall Block
total: 4 row(s)
Sky MillSky Mill and WaterWater
Rain CloudRain Cloud (Desktop versionConsole versionMobile versionNintendo Switch versiontModLoader version)
total: 1 row(s)


  • Despite its name, the Obsidian Sink is only made with Hellstone.
  • Despite being a gold furniture item, the Golden Sink has the same sell price as the regular sinks.


  • The Crystal, Granite and Lesion Sinks are the only ones to face to the left.
  • The Lihzahrd Sink is the only sink to face both ways.
  • The Sandstone Sink is the only sink without any visible pipes or faucets.
  • The Spider Sink is named SpiderSinkSpiderSinkDoesWhateverASpiderSinkDoes in the source code, in reference to "Spider-Pig," the The Simpsons Movie spoof of the 1960s Spider-Man theme song.[1]
  • The Bamboo Sink might be based on the sōzu (添水), a type of water fountain made of bamboo that is often installed in Japanese gardens. It was originally used to scare away animals that might eat the garden plants, but now is mostly used to add visual and aural ambience.
    • Alternatively, it might be based on the tsukubai (蹲踞), which is a washbasin with a bamboo pipe found at the entrances to holy places in Japan. These are used by visitors to purify themselves before entering said places, by doing a ritual consisting of hand washing and rinsing of the mouth.
  • The bamboo sink may also be based on a tropical rain filter.


  • Desktop Obsidian Sink now requires both Obsidian and Hellstone to craft.
  • Desktop
    • Spider, Bamboo, Lesion, Sandstone, Nebula, Vortex, Solar and Stardust Sinks added.
    • Skyware Sink item and placed sprites updated.
    • Obsidian Sink now uses Obsidian to craft.


  1. Information taken from the Desktop version Desktop source code, ItemID.cs There may be inaccuracies, as the current Desktop version Desktop version is