The Skeletron Hand is a drop from Skeletron added in 1.2. It is a grappling device similar to the Dual Hook. The Skeletron Hand can only fire one hook at a time but can attach two, like the Ivy Whip with one less hook. the slime hook is about the same, but they have less range but there is three hooks on it.
Skeletron Hand - Terraria 1

Skeletron Hand - Terraria 1.2 Guide New Grappling Hook!

A hook created using this item will have a length of approximately 25 blocks. The hooks (which are actually bony hands) will detach after around 1 minute.

This item, while very similar to the Dual Hook, can be found much earlier in the game. The tradeoff is your range is a bit shorter than the Dual Hook. On the other hand, the Dual Hook does not allow mid-air suspension like the Skeletron Hand or the Ivy Whip.

Having two hooks to grapple with simultaneously allows this hook to also work for movement across surfaces, by aiming slightly ahead on a wall or ceiling and repeatedly grappling forward. This can be extremely useful when building or when mining surfaces.


  • When used with the Magma Stone, Skeletron Hands will catch on fire. This can be used to light caves.
  • As with all the hooks, grappling onto a door and opening it sends you hurtling forward with great speed.
  • When used with the Flask of Party it will generate confetti.
  • When used from the hotbar, the player can generate an unlimited amount of hooks until the point that the first hook returns to the player or latches onto something. (Best demonstrated when falling or ascending with high-tier wings.)

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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