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Skiphs' Blood
  • Skiphs' Blood item sprite
  • Skiphs' Blood equipped
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Tooltip'Great for impersonating devs!'
RarityRarity level: 9
Research3 required

The dye's effect.

Skiphs' Blood is a Hardmode dye rewarded from a Hardmode boss's Treasure Bag along with Skiphs' set. It can also be a random reward from the Dye Trader for completing a Strange Plant quest after the Moon Lord has been defeated. When equipped, it gives the player a dark purple tone, also adding a shimmering purple effect to the player's body.


  • Skiphs' Blood is currently the only developer item that can be obtained in a normal mode world. Prior to Update, Arkhalis was also obtainable in normal-mode worlds through Enchanted Sword Shrines; it has since been replaced in shrines by the Terragrim and is currently only obtainable through the Arkhalis developer vanity set.
  • This dye's sprite looks very similar to Phase Dye, also given from the Dye Trader.
  • This is the only dye that does not have the word "dye" in its name.