The Slimy Saddle will summon a Slime Mount when used. It is a good early game mount because one can defeat the King Slime pretty early in the game and with it, one can travel with decent speed and jump very high. It is one of the earliest mounts that the player can obtain. The slime mount will also float in water making it useful in oceans/big bodies of water. If the player jumps onto a mob while the saddle is equipped, the player will automatically bounce back up while dealing around 40 damage to the minion. This can be exploited to defeat bosses extremely quickly. The slime mount also increases fall speed dramatically, thus dropping from big heights should be avoided to minimize certain death.
Slime Saddle Terraria 1

Slime Saddle Terraria 1.3 (Tips and Tricks)

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  • Added to the game.
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