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Smart cursor

Player with Smart Cursor active

The Smart Cursor mode is a keyboard tool used to make digging long distances easier. It is activated by pressing CTRL on the keyboard. Press it again to deactivate. When active, and a digging tool is selected, a yellow box will appear around the closest block in the direction that the player is pointing. Then, simply push the left mouse button and the block will be broken. This feature is a major convenience when breaking blocks. The Smart Cursor can also be used to interact with objects surrounding the player. When it is on, the cursor will not have to be on a door to open it if the player is facing it, rather it will be highlighted yellow and a right click anywhere on the screen will open it. The same applies for NPCs.


  • In 1.3, the Smart Cursor will be able to place "stairs" with platforms.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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