The Sniper Rifle is one of the most powerful ranged weapons in the game. While lacking in damage per second, it has the highest base damage per shot of every ranged weapon in game with the best possible base critical chance, in addition to granting very high velocities to the fired bullet. It is found in the Post-Plantera Dungeon and is only dropped by the Skeleton Sniper, a rare enemy found in the dungeon backed by slab walls, along with Rusty Armored Bones. Drop rate on normal is around 7.6%, and around 11.5% in Expert Mode.


  • Using the sniper rifle has the same zoom in/out effect as Rifle Scope, holding the right mouse button will move the F.O.V (Field Of View) in the direction of the mouse, giving it a wider range.
  • Highest prefix is Unreal.
  • Never use explosive bullets, because without enough attention, a player can be killed by 2-3 shots from it.
  • On mobile the weapon will always zoom in, no matter what, making this weapon a bad choice for close range combat.
  • If one combines an unreal sniper rifle with Shroomite Armor, the following Accessories with the Lucky prefix: Destroyer Emblem, Eye of The Golem, Sniper Scope, and two other accessories of your choice (Both With The Lucky Prefix), and a Rage Potion, the chance for a critical strike is 117%, the highest possible. However, the remaining 17% won't increase the damage output beyond double damage.
  • When standing at the edge of two biomes, it is possible to change the background and music as you zoom out with the sniper rifle, despite not being in that biome.
  • Shares tooltip with UZI and Venus Magnum, though the Sniper Rifle also has an extra sentence in the tooltip.
  • A Ruthless Sniper Rifle with chosen accessories, modifiers, and stealth mode of Vortex Armor can lead to the weapon dealing thousands of damage per shot ignoring banners.
  • Despite it's sheer power, it has a low sell price.


  • It is possible to shoot an enemy through a door if the enemy is standing near one.
  • It is possible to shoot through blocks.


  • It resemble an AWM with different stock and grip design.

Update Info


  • Increased damage from 128 to 185.
  • Critical chance increased from 19% to 29%.
  • Reduced use time from 49 to 35.


  • Now correctly drops from Skeleton Snipers.


  • Added to the game.

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