The Snow Biome is a type of Biome that was released in the first Christmas update (1.1.1). It is completely made up of Snow BlocksIce Blocks and Slush Blocks. Ice Blocks also appear on the top of water.

Snow Biome
Snow Biome 1.1

Snow Biome 1.1.1 Terraria HERO

When the player is in a snowy biome, as a cosmetic effect, snowflakes will fall from the sky (even indoors or underground), also; trees generated or planted in this biome will appear covered in snow.

In 1.2, this biome has much more content, several new monsters were added, and an Underground Snow Biome was added. On the surface, players will find Ice Slimes, Zombie Eskimos (at night), and Ice Golems (after Hard Mode, during rain/blizzards). Underground, players will find the Cyan Beetle (used to make dye), the Ice Bat, the Spiked Ice Slime, the Snow Flinx, and the Undead Viking. Also, players can find Ice Chests with unique snow items, like the Ice Skates. There is also a thin ice that covers the water, which breaks when landed on from a great height, which can also appear in caves, covering an entire cave with breakable ice.

As of 1.2, this biome can be corrupted, with Ice Blocks being converted into Purple Ice Blocks by the CorruptionRed Ice Blocks by the Crimson and Pink Ice Blocks by the Hallow.
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Snow-Desert Intersection

Any Acorns planted in snow will grow into trees that produce Boreal Wood when cut down.

Even in worlds where this biome hasn't been generated it is possible to create it artificially by placing Snow Blocks or using a Snow Globe to summon the Frost Legion, that will leave a trail of snow during the battle.




Snow trees
  • You can enable the Christmas in game by changing your PC time to 'December 15th' ☼
  • (Pre 1.2)It has a 33% chance of appearing in a newly generated world, but worlds created during Christmas holidays (December 15th through January 1st) and all new world created in 1.2 will always include it. (except mobile)
  • Trees grown on Snow Blocks will not yield Acorns. (Pre-1.2)
  • Whether a tree has the "snowy" appearance or not depends solely on the type of block its acorn was planted in; an acorn planted in regular grass in a snow biome will grow into a normal tree and vice versa, an acorn planted in snow blocks in any biome will grow into a snowy tree.
  • Snow can spawn on top of corruption during map generation, but this doesn't seem to have any effect on the corruption itself.
  • The Christmas Event (Presents, Frost Legion and Santa Claus) is often confused as being tied to the Snow Biome.
  • In the underground snow biome, ice and snow blocks can generate gems on them.
  • This biome is always generated on the same side of the dungeon. Thus, it is always on the opposite side of the jungle.
  • After, the background changes when it is affected by corruption, crimson, and Hallow.


  • The background looks like a "blend" to the underground/cavern background. and onwards.
  • The first snow trees include a new less-snow set. However they do no affect the original size itself. Its regular full-snow trees are more rare.


  • In the mobile version, it could spawn on the same side as the jungle. Especially before 1.2. This may be a fact that the world is too small for it to intersect the dungeon inside.


Update Info


  • Trees in the Snow Biome are now Boreal Wood.


  • New enemies and functions added.
  • New variant added.
  • 5 new underground/cavern backgrounds.
  • Background colors change.


  • Added to the game.
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