Softcore Mode
Softcore characters drop money on death
A.K.A. "Normal Mode" on Consoles

Softcore Mode is the standard game difficulty as opposed to Hardcore Mode. Softcore can only be changed when creating a new character. However, some inventory editors allow players to change whether or not Hardcore Mode is on.

In Softcore, players do not have to worry about anything upon death except dropping 50% of each type of Coin in their inventory and being teleported back to the spawn point. In fact, while in this mode dying can be the fastest way to get back to the spawn until a Magic Mirror is obtained.


  • If the player only has 1 coin in the inventory which could be split (for instance: gold coins which could be split to silver coins), it will just drop and not split into 50% of its amount, thus it is not safe carrying 1 splitable coin.
  • The above note also applies when the player has a splitable coin which couldn't be divided, such as 1 PlatinumCoin Small and 1 GoldCoin Small, the platinum and gold coin will drop, making the player lose his or her platinum and gold.
  • A softcore player's name and chat are displayed white in the chat.
  • A softcore character will drop 75% of his money if you are playing on Expert Mode.

Update Info


  • Softcore players now drop a Tombstone when killed.

PC release

  • Added to the game.
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