The Solar Eruption is a spear-flail hybrid that launches a chain with a sword on the end. Upon use the player will release a long chained spear capable of reaching up to 32 blocks, the projectile will wobble in a narrow arc towards the cursor, then quickly retreat back to the player. This weapon ignores the terrain and pass through solid blocks.

This is an useful weapon to use against events such as Solar Eclipse and Pirate Invasion, as it pierces many targets and causes all affected enemies to receive the "Daybroken" debuff.


  • Only the spiked midsection of the Solar Eruption does damage; the tip does not count as a damaging component.
  • Additionally, the explosion will be generated only on the first enemy hit by the tip, with secondary targets only getting damaged and affected by the unique Daybroken debuff.
  • Since it does a reasonable amount of damage, reaches very far, and causes a debuff, it is very useful against the Moon Lord.

Update Info


  • Fixed a stray pixel in the sprite.


  • Added to the game.
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