Zapinator-Glow This article pertains to content which has been removed from Terraria.

Although the topic of this article used to be in the game, it was removed for reasons which may or may not be known and can no longer be accessed, legitimately or illegitimately.

The Soul Scythe is a weapon which was unobtainable until version 1.2.2, where it was entirely deleted from the game's code and replaced by the Red Potion.

Massive Soul Scythe


  • When this item was available in the game through third party software, it would not function in multiplayer.


  • This weapon is likely a reference to the manga/anime series Soul Eater where a character wields a scythe that can change into a scythe similar to this item.

Update Info


  • Removed from the game.


  • Added to the game.
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