The Space Gun is a magic weapon which is similar to the Laser Rifle in the way that it shoots with a high rate of fire. When used with a full set of Meteor Armor, the space gun will use no mana, and will deal 21 damage. The Space Gun shoots lasers which emits green Light, alike to Glowsticks, but of a richer, deeper color. Some may say the space gun with Meteor Armor is overpowered. However, it deals less damage than other pre-hardmode weapons.
Terraria Space Gun

Terraria Space Gun


  • The laser will pass through two mobs and then dissipate if it hits a third, making it possible to kill three enemies at once with one shot. This trait is shared with Laser Rifle.

    Hitting three zombies with the space gun.

  • Another unique property of the Space Gun is that it makes a distinctive noise when striking a solid block. This can in theory be used to locate Floating Islands by firing into the sky and listening for an impact. However, as the noise is diminished over distance this is ineffective if the island is over around 100 blocks away, as it becomes inaudible.
  • It is a good idea to use the Space Gun against a small group of ranged weak enemies pre-hardmode, because of penetration and damage.
  • The fast rate of fire is even deadlier when the player has a full set of Meteorite Armor.
  • Although the Space Gun's name has the word "gun" in it and it functions like one, it does not fill the spawn criteria for the Arms Dealer.
    • This trait is shared with weapons such as Laser Rifle or Laser Machine Gun, because they are technically considered as "Magic" weapons due to usage of mana for firing.
Space Gun And Meteor Armor

A space gun in action.


  • Sometimes this item can't be crafted.
    • If you drop all the materials and pick them back up, it should fix this problem, and you are able to craft it. But remember: Stars disappear during the day when dropped.

Update Info


  • Updated sprite.
  • Now only requires Meteorite Bars to craft.


  • Damage increased from 18 to 19.


  • Recipe changed. Flintlock Pistol no longer required, and only 2 falling stars needed instead of 10 (10 still needed on mobile version).
  • Reduced use time from 18 to 17.
  • Increased Damage from 17 to 18.


  • Fixed the bug which allowed the player to reforge the Space Gun for free.


  • Increased damage from 16 to 17.
  • Reduced Mana cast cost from 9 to 8.

PC release

  • Added to the game.

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