Not to be confused with the weapon family, Spears.

The Spear is a Weapon that attacks in a straight line and hits multiple times. It is similar to a Shortsword; however, like other Spears, it can be aimed. It is the weakest of the 7 different types of spears, dealing only 8 damage with a very slow speed and a range of only 3-5 blocks.

Terraria - Spear

Terraria - Spear


The Spear is a good weapon to use if you get it early on in the game, as it is quite good at keeping mobs away from you with its comparatively high knockback. It will likely deal more damage per swing than equivalently-tiered swords (Wooden Sword, Copper/Iron Shortsword/Broadsword) due to its ability to hit multiple times, though this comes at the cost of being slower and requiring slightly more effort to aim and obtain. The Spear is a very effective weapon when you are fighting one enemy, or multiple enemies coming from one direction. If you are surrounded, a broadsword would probably serve you better due to its wider swing arc.


  • The Spear can be found in Chests near the surface.
  • For new players just starting out, this is one of the strongest Weapons for crowd control.
  • As the Spear does damage constantly as long as it is contact with an enemy, combined with its slow speed and minimum knockback, allows tons of damage to be inflicted on large and worm-type enemies as they pass the player.
Spear in action!

Using a spear...

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  • Added to the game.
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