A Spear Trap is a block found in the Jungle Temple as an active trap. When activated, a mounted spear shoots from the block and deals damage to anything struck by it. The spear then retracts back into the block. They are common throughout the Temple and found on the ceiling, floors and walls along with various other traps. The spears have a maximum range of about 20 blocks, after which they retract back into the trap block, regardless of whether or not they made contact with anything.

The spears are capable of dealing high damage on a player. Each hit does about 130 damage (ignoring defense.)

It is possible to make a monster trap by wiring the trap to a timer or other sensory mechanism (such as a Pressure Plate or Switch). The Spear Trap will activate at a maximum rate of once every 2 seconds.


  • When the Spear Trap is made non-solid by means of an Actuator and then activated, the spear will expand and retract as normal, but the head of the spear will continue to go upwards beyond the trap and will deal damage to players, monsters and critters in its path. The loose spear head collides and disappears upon impact with solid block.

Update Info


  • Fixed graphical bug.


  • Added to the game.