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Avatar for LordofEditing

Question about programming, we currently use HTTPS, corect? I'm in year 7, (American 6th grade) and I'm currently studies the functions of HTTPS and JavaScript internal website coding. It seems a lot of code on this wiki seems very similar. Like the <code><nowiki></code></nowiki> function and <br> and <div> and header class and stuff like that. I found that pretty much all our formatting is either based off HTTPS or is exactly the same. Is this the case?

Avatar for Ferretwings

Coding in 6th grade? You are the second person I've heard this from. I'm impressed. :) Yes, html can be used on wiki pages and in templates. We even have pages for JavaScript, but I haven't delved into that yet. You'll also want to look into CSS, as you can implement any CSS using the style="". There are a few html coding that aren't supported, but most of it seems to be.

Avatar for LordofEditing

I believe the CSS is used in the MediaWiki template coding? For example <nowiki>style="terraria table sortable"</nowiki>?

Avatar for Equazcion

It's actually class="terraria sortable". Classes are preset CSS styles. On the wiki they're set from MediaWiki:Common.css. You can set custom styles for a table via style="border-color:red" for example.

Javascript is only available to users in customizing what happens in their own browsers, for example you can edit your User:LordofEditing/common.js and customize your own wiki experience, but no one else's displays will be affected. MediaWiki:Common.js contains much of the wiki's custom javascript, which affects everyone, but only admins can edit that.

As Ferretwings says, many HTML tags do work on the wiki (like div and br). Some don't, like <a></a> (links), which the wiki forces you to enter via wiki code. Most things however should be done via wiki code, when possible, just so it continues to be relatively easy for non-programmers to edit pages, and for uniformity.