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20 June 2021

 m   01:08  Hooks diffhist -1 TheKrobius talk contribs Changing a part of a sentence to make it more clear Tag: Visual edit: Switched

19 June 2021

 m   03:06  Zoologist diffhist -68 Heckrum talk contribs got rid of a repeating fact in the trivia section Tag: Visual edit

18 June 2021

     23:43  Dirt Rod‎‎ 2 changes history0[Rye Greenwood‎;‎]
23:43 (cur | prev) -72 Rye Greenwood talk contribs Reverted edits by (talk) to last revision by KM100 Tag: Rollback
23:23 (cur | prev) +72 talk Made gud again Tags: Mobile edit, Mobile web edit, Visual edit
     13:05  Scaly Truffle diffhist +120 talk info on trufles :) Tag: Visual edit

17 June 2021

     21:34  Gelatinous Pillion‎‎ 2 changes history0[Rye Greenwood‎;‎]
21:34 (cur | prev) -2 Rye Greenwood talk contribs Undo revision 1123027 by (talk) Doesn't make sense. The comparative degree implies that there is something that is less friendly – which is not the case. Tag: Undo
20:50 (cur | prev) +2 talk Friendly to friendlier Tag: Visual edit
     19:02  Shrimpy Truffle diffhist +211 Penguin-Pal talk contribs
     17:32  Template:LangList‎‎ 2 changes history-84[Westgrass‎ (2×)]
17:32 (cur | prev) -85 Westgrass talk contribs
17:28 (cur | prev) +1 Westgrass talk contribs now es uses its own wiki from wikia.
 m   15:15  Adamantite Chainsaw diffhist +39 Rye Greenwood talk contribs ce, de interwiki link
 m   15:08  Adamantite Pickaxe diffhist +43 Rye Greenwood talk contribs ce, de interwiki link
 m   02:39  Defense diffhist +2 P2b022 talk contribs I fixed a grammar problem. Tag: Visual edit

16 June 2021

 m   22:49  Picksaw diffhist 0 Angrybirdgamer talk contribs →‎History
 m   22:19  Digging Molecart diffhist -4 Noahgambles talk contribs Omitted the "two" in "two blocks directly underneath a storage item". The Void Vault is three blocks wide. Tag: Visual edit
 m   21:49  Template:Dotlist/item diffhist +16 Rye Greenwood talk contribs Minor fix: Do not display the zero-width space if the list item is empty.
     19:44  Angler diffhist 0 talk Fixed link to stat boosts page Tag: Visual edit
     06:50  Reaver Shark‎‎ 2 changes history0[Eraloiz‎;‎]
06:50 (cur | prev) +569 Eraloiz talk contribs Reverted edits by (talk) to last revision by RoverdriveX Tag: Rollback
06:24 (cur | prev) -569 talk →‎History

15 June 2021

     15:33  Tragic Umbrella‎‎ 2 changes history0[Eraloiz‎;‎]
15:33 (cur | prev) -326 Eraloiz talk contribs Undo revision 1122819 by (talk) Speculation; see the trivia rules Tag: Undo
12:59 (cur | prev) +326 talk Added a possible (likely) reference to a movie and an anime series. Tag: Visual edit
     14:41  Slimy Saddle‎‎ 3 changes history0[Eraloiz‎;‎;‎]
14:41 (cur | prev) -187 Eraloiz talk contribs revert
14:27 (cur | prev) +20 talk Tag: Visual edit
14:25 (cur | prev) +167 talk Multiplayer Tag: Visual edit
 m   07:39  Party Girl diffhist +158 Eraloiz talk contribs Undo revision 1122777 by CinnamonMina (talk) The game requires the "TOWMusicUnlocked" flag to be set before the option is available. The flag is only set if a player enters a drunk world (but note that this is per install, it's saved inside config.json) Tag: Undo
     04:07  Achievements‎‎ 2 changes history0[Dinoxel‎;‎]
04:07 (cur | prev) +15 Dinoxel talk contribs Undo revision 1122802 by (talk) - This text is directly from the source code meaning it was writted intentionally like that Tag: Undo
03:46 (cur | prev) -15 talk insane cultist, changed to lunatic cultist Tag: Visual edit
     00:58  Jewel of Light diffhist +130 Micalobia talk contribs Tag: Visual edit
     00:56  Frozen Crown diffhist +116 Micalobia talk contribs →‎Trivia Tag: Visual edit

14 June 2021

     18:48  Party Girl‎‎ 2 changes history-150[Hygieaa‎; CinnamonMina‎]
18:48 (cur | prev) -158 CinnamonMina talk contribs →‎Music toggle: Changed how to toggle Soundtracks because as of version you do not need to visit 05162020 seed to unlock Terraria:Otherworld OST Tag: Visual edit
05:29 (cur | prev) +8 Hygieaa talk contribs Tag: Visual edit

13 June 2021

 m   16:52  Shroomite Digging Claw diffhist +11 ProYeeter668 talk contribs removed your and you Tag: Visual edit
 m   11:43  Squirrel Hook diffhist +17 Westgrass talk contribs
     10:28  Game controls diffhist +139 Rijam talk contribs →‎Others: Added F7 because it was missing and changed F9 to require Shift (a change as of 1.4) (Both Left and Right Shift work).
     07:11  Zoologist diffhist -256 Namehere43 talk contribs Undo revision 1122692 by Hydraulicniggs (talk) Tag: Undo