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28 July 2021

     04:48  Ecto Mist diffhist +11 Chaos Star64 talk contribs Tag: Visual edit

27 July 2021

 m   16:10  Cavern diffhist +11 Rye Greenwood talk contribs minor reword, -mention of specific elevations (misleading because of the randomization during world generation; the min/max/avg table is most definitely no longer correct anyways, as it has not been changed since before 1.1), +other biomes within the Cavern layer
 m   16:05  Space diffhist -27 Rye Greenwood talk contribs -onlyinclude tags (no longer transcluded anywhere)
     16:05  Layers diffhist -1,102 Rye Greenwood talk contribs ce, minor reword, removed a lot of misleading information (the randomization during world generation makes it very hard to give reliable numbers in regard to specific elevations; they might be true for a handful of worlds, but not in general, so it is misleading to outright state them like that), -altitude overview for Space (out of scope for this overview-kind-of article, in my opinion)
 m   15:18  Dungeon‎‎ 2 changes history0[Rye Greenwood‎; Pre-Hardmode Only‎]
15:18 (cur | prev) -111 Rye Greenwood talk contribs Undo revision 1126821 by Pre-Hardmode Only (talk) Enemies usually cannot spawn in front of player-placed walls, so the spawn rate with natural walls (as small as it might be) will always be higher than with player-placed walls (zero), that is obvious. This is not unique to Dungeon Brick Walls. Tag: Undo
00:05 (cur | prev) +111 Pre-Hardmode Only talk contribs Natural / Placed Dungeon Brick Walls spawn rates Tag: Visual edit

26 July 2021

 m   15:04  Terraria diffhist -60 Eraloiz talk contribs Reverted edits by (talk) to last revision by Boilpoil Tag: Rollback

25 July 2021

 m   12:37  Zenith‎‎ 2 changes history+277[Rye Greenwood‎; Daud ahn‎]
12:37 (cur | prev) +271 Rye Greenwood talk contribs →‎Trivia: ce, minor reword, {{discord ref}}, {{itemlist}}, moved image about glowing in the dark to the position of the respective bullet point
02:58 (cur | prev) +6 Daud ahn talk contribs Tag: Source edit

23 July 2021

 m   19:09  Console version diffhist +1 Eraloiz talk contribs Reverted edits by (talk) to last revision by Minerpix17 Tag: Rollback
 m   12:13  Mobile version‎‎ 2 changes history+1[KEFIRzm‎; Eraloiz‎]
12:13 (cur | prev) -29 Eraloiz talk contribs fix
11:09 (cur | prev) +30 KEFIRzm talk contribs Dec 8, 202 -> Dec 8, 2020 Tag: Visual edit
 m   10:20  Terraria‎‎ 2 changes history0[Boilpoil‎ (2×)]
10:20 (cur | prev) +27 Boilpoil talk contribs Accidental deletion (talk) Tag: Undo
10:19 (cur | prev) -27 Boilpoil talk contribs
 m   02:54  Arkhalis diffhist -1 Angrybirdgamer talk contribs