For the non-console-exclusive set, please see Spectre Armor.

Spectral Armor is one of the three mobile and console-exclusive armor sets and the magic-oriented counterpart to the Dragon Armor and Titan Armor. Before 1.2, the helmet was a reskin of the Mythril Hood, the chestpiece was a recolored Robe, and the leggings were palette-swapped Plumber's Pants.

Parts of the Set

Spectral Headgear

Spectral Armor (Chestplate)

Spectral Subligar (Greaves)


  • Ocram has a 33% chance to drop a piece of Spectral Armor.
  • The update on the Xbox One and PS4 versions made it a vanity set purchased by a Traveling Merchant along with the Dragon and Titan armors.


  • Each piece of this armor have more/as much as defense than hallowed, so it's actually ideal to wear them instead of hallowed even if you aren't a magic user (though in that case it'd be more ideal to wear Titan/Dragon armor).


  • Full spectral Armour while worn (xbox/ps3 only)

Update info



  • New Sprite.

Console release

  • Added to the game.
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