The Spider Staff is a weapon crafted with Spider Fangs dropped by the Black Recluse.


  • The default limit to a number of spiders at once is only one, but each piece of Spider Armor grants one additional minion.
  • The summoned spiders will run and jump to get to enemies, which is normally not very effective unless walls are placed.
  • The summoned spiders will climb on the walls, giving these minions much more potential.
  • The Spiders are able to give Venom Debuff against enemies.
  • Although it has a relatively low base damage, it is actually very effective in early Hardmode, due to the Venom debuff and its ability to cling to enemies for continuous damage.
  • Its clinging ability also makes it effective against some pre-Hardmode bosses (like the Eye of Cthulhu) and even some powerful Hardmode enemies (especially the Unicorn, Icy Merman, and Giant Tortoise/Ice Tortoise).
  • While in the air, the spiders will stop attacking their target and will not attack until the player lands on the ground or gets positioned in front of a wall which the spiders may cling to.
Spider Summoner Gear , Armor & Weapons! - Terraria 1.2

Spider Summoner Gear , Armor & Weapons! - Terraria 1.2.4 Guide New Summoner Gear - GullofDoom

Update Info


  • It now costs 10 mana to use.


  • Added to the game.
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