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Spike Ball
Spike Ball.png
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
AI TypeSpike Ball AI
Max Life100/200/300
KB Resist100%
Not to be confused with Spiky Ball.

The Spike Ball is an indestructible enemy found in the Dungeon which resembles a mace that swings around in a circle from a central pivot point (which cannot be destroyed either), and deals damage to the player on contact. Separate Spike Balls can have differing chain lengths. They spawn and despawn off-screen like any other enemy – if the player leaves a room and returns later, it will have a different configuration of Spike Balls. They appear in Dungeon areas with a Brick Wall.


  • A Spike Ball's chain deals no damage.
  • If the brick the Spike Ball is attached to is destroyed, it will continue to swing in midair, unlike the Snatcher, Dragon Snatcher, and Man Eater.


  • Placing a Torch at the place where a Spike Ball swings through the floor or walls will allow players to keep track of its path.


  • Since Spike Balls are considered enemies, many effects that usually apply to enemies apply to them as well. Note that none of these deals damage to Spike Balls.
  • The Spike Ball, along with the Blazing Wheel, True Eye of Cthulhu, and the flying Golem Head are the only four invincible enemies in Terraria.
  • The chain that swings the Spike Ball bounces up and down as it swings.
  • Spikes in the Dungeon inflict the Bleeding debuff, while the Spike Ball does not.