A Spiky Ball Trap is a block found in the Jungle Temple as an active trap. When activated, orange colored Spiky Balls drop from the block and deal about 90 damage to anything struck by them. They are the most common traps throughout the Temple and are only found on the ceilings.

It is possible to make a monster trap by wiring the trap to a timer or other sensory mechanism (such as a Pressure Plate or Switch). The Spiky Ball Trap will drop a maximum of one spiky ball every 4 seconds. This means that a 5 second timer is more efficient on it than a 3 second timer. Many traps can be made using them, dealing extremely high damage as well as letting the player be completely safe. Useful for any invasions such as the Pirate Invasion, able to quickly kill the monsters without any effort put forth from the player.


  • The Spiky Balls from the trap bounce much higher than regular Spiky Balls, and don't last as long.
    • Because of the height in which the balls bounce, their damage output on ground units decreases the higher the traps are placed. On the flip side, their bounce height makes them perfect 'walls of denial' against flying enemies that appear during invasion events, such as Vampires and Parrots.
  • Spiky Ball Traps, Flame TrapsSuper Dart Traps and Spear Traps can be found near the entrance to the Jungle Temple, allowing the player to obtain a few of these traps without entering the temple or enabling Hardmode.
  • The Spiky Balls dropped from these traps will fall through platforms.
  • The Lihzahrd Temple contains massive amounts of Spiky Ball Traps (more than any other trap), so they are excellent, cheap choices for traps.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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