Spooky Armor is an armor that was added in version 1.2.1.

It is an alternative summon armor to the Tiki Armor; the Spooky Armor has lower defense in return for increased summon damage. The Spooky Armor supports less minions than the Tiki Armor. It is crafted with Spooky Wood, which is dropped by Mourning Woods and Splinterlings that spawn during the Pumpkin Moon. Crafting the whole set of armor requires 750 Spooky Wood.

This set of armor is best used when with high-tier summoning staves like the Pygmy Staff or Raven Staff to spawn a number of highly damaging minions.


  • The Spooky Armor is crafted from Spooky Wood, which is dropped from the Mourning Wood. As such, it is modeled to look similar to the Mourning Wood. Crafting the whole set of armor requires 750 Spooky Wood.
  • This is the more damage-based version of the two high tier summoning armors.
  • This armor set allows you to have multiple minions summoned at once; however, you must still summon each minion one by one, which can leave you defenseless if unprepared. An easy way to avoid this is to summon all minions before combat.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.


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