The Spore Sac is an accessory obtained from Treasure Bags dropped by Plantera in Expert Mode.


  • The spores spread around the player on either side, laying lower to the ground.
  • Spores cannot appear in liquids.
  • When a spore touches an enemy, it leaves behind a gas cloud that lasts for about 1 second and deals about 75 damage constantly, being unaffected by any damage boosters such as from reforged accessories. Each damage instance also has a chance to inflict the Poisoned debuff.
  • The spores will slowly gravitate towards nearby enemies through blocks and deal an impressive amount of damage to lower end monsters.
  • The spores have a glowing effect in the dark, but do not emit any significant light. 
  • Approximately 8-10 spores will appear around the player at any given time. Other than by hitting an enemy, they will disappear after the player moves too far from the spores or after some time standing still. 
  • This item is ideal for situations like mining, building, or fishing. Its high damage output and "minefield" effect provide enough protection to allow swapping to armor/equipment that provides a bonus to these activities, even in hostile environments.
  • Like Summoned Creatures, the spores do not discriminate between Critters/Bait and Monsters. It is best to remove this item when hunting bait.
  • Wearing this near the Post-Golem Dungeon is dangerous, as the spores will damage and likely kill the Cultists, summon the Lunatic/Ancient Cultist, and possibly start the Celestial Event prematurely.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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