The Staff of the Frost Hydra is a turret-style summoning weapon. When used, it spawns a Frost Hydra that spits out frost at nearby enemies. The Staff of the Frost Hydra is extremely powerful, as the monster spawned deals 100 damage and can target enemies on its own. This staff is useful when dealing with large groups of enemies such as the Goblin Army or Pirate Army.

To obtain the staff, one can kill any monster inside the Snow Biome while the world is in Hard Mode; these mobs have a low chance (1/2500) to drop a Frozen Key. This key will unlock a Frozen Chest in the Dungeon, which are randomly spawned (so some dungeons may not contain one). The chest will contain the staff (100% chance) as well as other items such as bars, potions, etc.


  • As it spawns a turret rather than a minion, the staff does not cause the despawning of any minions or other summons (except for any existing Frost Hydra).
  • This summon despawns in about 60 seconds, similar to the Nimbus Rod and other summoning weapons.
  • The Hydra can be summoned on a Wood platform or any similar block. Since update 1.3 he doesn't have to be summoned on only solid blocks.
  • When the player clicks, it searches for the next solid surface below the position where the player clicked, this may cause the Hydra to glitch through blocks, making it possible to summon it by clicking anywhere on the screen, it doesn't fall though, it just appears in the valid found position.
  • The Hydra will not move, but will rotate its neck to shoot in different directions.
  • You can only summon one Hydra at a time. Wearing the Tiki Armor, Spooky Armor, Pygmy Necklace, or Papyrus Scarab will not increase the number of summons as with the other Summon Weapons. Armor sold by the Tavernkeep, however, will increase sentry capacity and allow more sentries to be summoned.
  • You can long range summon the Hydra with the combination of the zoom from the Sniper Rifle if you're fast enough.
  • When summoned in PvP, opponents touching the hydra will be damaged, but the Hydra will despawn after being touched. This makes the weapon extremely deadly in PvP as the user could hide from it's opponent while attacking with the hydra. The Hydra won't shoot the opponents though.


  • Upon using the staff on any kind of tile (empty, stone, dirt, etc.) the hydra will search for the highest possible surface to spawn on without going above where it was made to spawn. This means that if used in a solid surface, the Hydra can spawn inside tiles.
  • In Mobile Version, this staff is unusable since it cannot spawn the Hydra. (Has been fixed on iOS)

Update Info


  • Added to the game.

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