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Stained Glass are a group of walls made from combining gems with Glass Walls. They work like the normal Glass Wall besides changing the color of the sunlight to match that of the stained glass. Multicolored Stained Glass causes sunlight to shift through the color spectrum in a similar manner to Rainbow Brick, although dimmer.



ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Blue Stained GlassBlue Stained Glass (20)Work BenchWork Bench
Green Stained GlassGreen Stained Glass (20)
Multicolored Stained GlassMulticolored Stained Glass (50)
Orange Stained GlassOrange Stained Glass (20)
Purple Stained GlassPurple Stained Glass (20)
Red Stained GlassRed Stained Glass (20)
Yellow Stained GlassYellow Stained Glass (20)
total: 7 row(s)


  • It can be very profitable to turn gems into stained glass and sell that instead of selling the gems outright due to the low value of the materials required.
  • One can achieve a stained glass look on foreground Glass blocks by simply painting the Glass in a deep color.


  • Diamond is the only gem without a stained glass variant, likely due to its white color.
  • Despite having its own variant, Orange Stained Glass, Amber is not used in the crafting recipe for Multicolored Stained Glass. This is probably because Orange Stained Glass was introduced in, whereas the multicolored variant was added in 1.2.