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Star Cloak
  • Star Cloak item spriteold Star Cloak item sprite
  • Star Cloak equipped
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TooltipCauses stars to fall after taking damage
RarityRarity level: 4
Research1 required
Projectile created
  • Hallow Star
    Hallow Star
Obtained from Obtained from
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master

The Star Cloak's animation being used against Skeletons.

The Star Cloak is a Hardmode accessory that causes three stars to fall around the player whenever the player takes damage. It consumes no mana. The stars that fall cause 75 / 150 / 225 / 30 magic damage each, pierce through multiple enemies, and pass through blocks until reaching the player's altitude, at which point they continue falling until hitting blocks. On Desktop version Desktop, Console version Console, Mobile version Mobile, and Nintendo Switch version Switch, the stars can ignore up to 25 enemy defense.

The Star Cloak has a 16.67*1/6 (16.67%) / 14.29*1/7 (14.29%) chance to be dropped by Mimics.


Used in[]

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Bee CloakBee CloakTinkerer's WorkshopTinkerer's Workshop
Mana CloakMana Cloak
Star VeilStar Veil
total: 3 row(s)



  • The Star Cloak is effective even when deep underground, as the stars will pass through blocks until they are near or past the height of the point where the player took damage. After that point, any foreground block will stop them.
  • The effect of the Star Cloak is similar to that of the Starfury, but the stars fall faster, and the focal point is the player rather than the cursor.
    • Furthermore, unlike the Starfury's effect, the stars emit light while insubstantially passing through blocks. This lighting effect is much more pronounced than that of the light particles that fall after the stars hit the ground and can be exploited by deliberately taking damage to map out dark areas above the player.
  • The Star Cloak is of less use when dealing with a ranged attacker, as the stars will not impact any enemy that is not close to the player at the time.
  • With high defense, one can stand on a Spike with the Star Cloak equipped to accumulate large numbers of stars. The Bee Cloak can be used to a more potent effect.
  • Despite the changes, stars will still fall when the player takes damage from their own Exploding Bullets. The rate at which stars fall can be maximized by using an automatic gun with a use time of 8, such as a Damaged Minishark for the lowest possible self-damage, or an Annoying Gatligator or Megashark for reduced ammo consumption.
  • The Star Cloak may be preferable to the Star Veil; while the player will take damage faster, stars will also fall faster, doing more damage.


  • Desktop 1.4.1:
    • Stars now deal 75 damage and can ignore up to 25 enemy defense.
    • This damage is multiplied by 2 in Expert mode, and 3 in Master mode (the defense penetration remains unchanged).
    • Now uses local immune frames, will not interfere with other piercing projectiles.
  • Desktop 1.3.1:
    • Inventory sprite updated.
    • Falling stars are now colored white.