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Statues are decorative items that can be placed as furniture. Some of them are also mechanisms and will have an effect when connected to wires and activated.

Statues can be found in chests or already placed (usually in the Dungeon or deeper caves, often in/near natural glowing mushroom biomes or natural underground wooden structures). Like other furniture, a Hammer must be used to pick up a statue.

Functional Statues

Spawned monsters won't drop coins, but they do drop other typical items such as stars and hearts (although Mimics won't drop accessories). However, bunnies and goldfish spawned during a Blood Moon or hit with Vile Powder will instantly turn to their corrupt versions (corrupt bunny and corrupt goldfish), and no longer count as spawned. Because of this, and due to the fact that the corrupted creatures do not count against the statues' normal spawn limits, you can easily use the statues to farm money. During a Blood Moon a rabbit statue on a 1 Second Timer will spawn an endless stream of corrupted bunnies.

Create items

Statue Item
Bomb StatueBomb Statue BombBomb
Heart StatueHeart Statue HeartHeart
Star StatueStar Statue StarStar

Create Enemies

Statue Enemy Drop
Bat StatueBat Statue Bat None
Bird StatueBird Statue Bird None
Bunny StatueBunny Statue Bunny* Bunny HoodBunny Hood

(only during Blood Moon)

Chest StatueChest Statue Mimic None
Crab StatueCrab Statue Crab None
Fish StatueFish Statue Goldfish* GoldfishGoldfish
Jellyfish StatueJellyfish Statue Jellyfish GlowstickGlowstick
Piranha StatuePiranha Statue Piranha HookHook, Robot HatRobot Hat
Skeleton StatueSkeleton Statue Skeleton HookHook
Slime StatueSlime Statue Blue Slime GelGel

Note: During a blood moon, the Goldfish and Bunny will turn into their corrupt versions and will drop their usual amount of money on death.

NPC Teleport

Statue Effect
King StatueKing Statue Teleports a random male NPC to the statue's place
Queen StatueQueen Statue Teleports a random female NPC to the statue's place

Decorative Statues

Angel StatueAngel Statue Anvil StatueAnvil Statue Armor StatueArmor Statue Axe StatueAxe Statue Boomerang StatueBoomerang Statue Boot StatueBoot Statue Bow StatueBow Statue
Corrupt StatueCorrupt Statue Cross StatueCross Statue Eyeball StatueEyeball Statue Gargoyle StatueGargoyle Statue Gloom StatueGloom Statue Goblin StatueGoblin Statue Hammer StatueHammer Statue
Hornet StatueHornet Statue Imp StatueImp Statue Mushroom StatueMushroom Statue Pickaxe StatuePickaxe Statue Pillar StatuePillar Statue Pot StatuePot Statue Potion StatuePotion Statue
Reaper StatueReaper Statue Shield StatueShield Statue Spear StatueSpear Statue Sunflower StatueSunflower Statue Sword StatueSword Statue Tree StatueTree Statue Woman StatueWoman Statue



  • 1.1: Introduced.