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For the trading cards that come with the Collector's Edition, see Collector's edition trading cards.

Steam Trading Cards were added to Terraria on 7/15/2013, shortly before the 1.2 update. These cards will automatically be awarded while playing the game, assuming the player bought the Steam version of the game. Players will receive up to four cards while playing. After that, it is possible to obtain more cards from booster packs, which are randomly given or by buying them from other players. There is also the special Foil variant, which are rarer, but have no other benefit.

Steam Trading Cards can be used to craft badges (and Foil badges), which show on the player's Steam profile and increase their Steam level. The player can also craft emoticons which can be used in Steam chat. Last of all they can be used to craft backgrounds, which the player can display on their profile. The player can also directly trade the crafted items.

For more information about Steam Trading Cards, visit the Steam website and the FAQ.

Trading Cards[edit | edit source]

There are a total of nine trading cards:

Normal Foil Art Number Name Description
Trading Card Minishark.png Trading Card Minishark Foil.png Art Minishark.jpg 1 Minishark Half shark, half gun, completely awesome.
Trading Card The Guide.png Trading Card The Guide Foil.png Art The Guide.jpg 2 The Guide He thought it would be funny to open the door and let zombies in. You thought it would be funny to sacrifice him to the god of eternal nightmares.
Trading Card Eye of Cthulhu.png Trading Card Eye of Cthulhu Foil.png Art Eye of Cthulhu.jpg 3 Eye of Cthulhu Cthulhu has more danger in his eyeball than most monsters have in their whole body. You've never seen Cthulhu, but Cthulhu has certainly seen you.
Trading Card The Hallow.png Trading Card The Hallow Foil.png Art The Hallow.jpg 4 The Hallow A magical place of fairy tales, rainbows, and killer unicorns!
Trading Card The Underworld.png Trading Card The Underworld Foil.png Art The Underworld.jpg 5 The Underworld Ah, sulfur and brimstone. The smells of molten glory.
Trading Card Night's Edge.png Trading Card Night's Edge Foil.png Art Night's Edge.jpg 6 Night's Edge A blade forged with corrupt intentions.
Trading Card Glowing Mushrooms.png Trading Card Glowing Mushrooms Foil.png Art Glowing Mushrooms.jpg 7 Glowing Mushrooms Glowing mushrooms are rarely seen growing on the surface. When they do it can be described as permanent night.
Trading Card Living Wood.png Trading Card Living Wood Foil.png Art Living Wood.jpg 8 Living Wood Sometimes, a tree just keeps growing.
Trading Card Wyvern.png Trading Card Wyvern Foil.png Art Wyvern.jpg 9 Wyvern The reason your flying city is a ghost town.

Badges[edit | edit source]

There are five levels of badges. Each time the player crafts it, the level will increase by one. There is also a Foil badge, which can only be obtained by using Foil Trading Cards.

Image Rank Name
Badge Light's Bane.png 1 Light's Bane
Badge Muramasa.png 2 Muramasa
Badge Blade of Grass.png 3 Blade of Grass
Badge Fiery Greatsword.png 4 Fiery Greatsword
Badge Night's Edge.png 5 Night's Edge
Badge True Night's Edge.png Foil True Night's Edge

Booster Pack[edit | edit source]

When opening the booster pack, the player receives three random cards.

Booster Pack.png

Emoticons[edit | edit source]

Emoticons can be crafted with Trading Cards and can be used by typing the name in the chat.

Image Name Rarity Description
Emoticon Terraria.png :terraria: Common The iconic image for that one game...what's it called?
Emoticon Zombiehead.png :zombiehead: Common They serve as a good reminder to keep the doors closed at night.
Emoticon Demoneye.png :demoneye: Uncommon This Demon Eye is the best way to let your friends subtly know when you are creeping on them.
Emoticon Greenslime.png :greenslime: Uncommon The weakest member of the slime family, it's flammable, sticky, and very tasty!
Emoticon Dirtblock.png :dirtblock: Rare The dirtiest block of all! They make up the majority of the world (and your inventory).

Profile Backgrounds[edit | edit source]

There are five different backgrounds, which can be crafted with Trading Cards.

Image Name Rarity Description
Background Overworld.jpg Overworld Common Deadly cliffs and murderous slimes make for the start of a peaceful day for the average Terrarian.
Background The Corruption.jpg The Corruption Common You don't know where it came from, but it won't stop spreading. That unearthly color...
Background Ice Caves.jpg Ice Caves Uncommon Keeps your background cooler than an Ice Slime in a snow cave.
Background Underground Jungle.jpg Underground Jungle Uncommon Welcome to jungle, we got vines and bees.
Background The Crimson.jpg The Crimson Rare You have one point two reasons to care about this picture.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The description of the Underground Jungle profile background is a reference to the song Welcome to the Jungle by the rock band Guns N' Roses.
  • The description of the Crimson profile background references the version that the Biome was first introduced.