Strange Plants are very rare herbs that can be found in different places in the world and can be traded to the Dye Trader for different, animated dyes. There are four variants; purple, cyan-flowered, rose-red with bulbs, and bright orange. Each variant can be found on the surface, however, the orange plant is exclusive to the Forest biome. Additionally, the rose-bulbed plant can also be found Underground.
Strange Plants

All variants of the Strange Plant


  • A useful way of farming Strange Plants is to build a skybridge or another long, flat surface made of dirt. This will make it much easier to find and collect them, as they will grow on the dirt.
  • Strange Plants may also grow in water, unlike normal grass, dye plants (excluding Lime Kelp) or potion ingredients.
  • Plants give a random set of three dyes of the same kind when traded.
  • Some of the dyes are exclusive to hard-mode and are only available after certain events are completed. 

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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