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StylistOld-gen console version and Nintendo 3DS version
Map Icon Stylist
Map Icon
Classic mode icon Classic
Expert mode icon Expert
Master mode icon Master
AI TypePassive AI
Damage101517 (Stylish Scissors) [1]
Max Life250
KB Resist50%

The Stylist is an NPC that can change the player's hair style and color. She also sells a variety of Hair Dyes, which apply dynamic effects to the player's hair.

The Stylist can be found in Spider Caves, entangled in cobweb. Talking to her will free her, after which she will move into a vacant house if one is available. As with all found/bound NPCs, she spawns the same as enemies.

Hair Dyes range in cost from 5 to 30.

Hairstyle cost:

  • Normal hairstyles (styles #1 through #51 only) cost 2 / 1 .
  • The other hairstyles (including all Stylist-exclusive hairstyles) cost 20 / 5 .
  • Hair color costs 2 / 1 .

The Stylist's prices can vary depending on her Happiness; this also affects her prices for hairstyle and/or color changes, as follows:

  • The total cost of the chosen hairstyle and/or hair color change is multiplied by her happiness-based price multiplier, and then rounded to the nearest multiple of 1.[2]
    • Changing hairstyles can range from 2 - 3 (for basic styles) or 15 - 30 (for expensive styles).
    • Changing hair colors can range from 2 - 3.
    • Changing both hairstyle and hair color can range from 4 to 33.

When confronted by enemies, the Stylist will use Stylish Scissors to defend herself, dealing 10 / 15 / 17 damage at the start of the game, and as players progress she will gain various stat increases.[1] Note that the scissors' knockback is enough to completely protect her from almost every ghost-like enemy. She may also drop them upon death. Note that she can only defend herself once freed, not while still webbed.

The Webbed Stylist is one of the few entities that can be detected by the Lifeform Analyzer or its upgrades.

Items sold[]

Note: All item prices can be decreased by equipping a Discount Card or Greedy Ring. On the PC version PC version, Console version Console version, Mobile version Mobile version, and tModLoader version tModLoader version, prices can also be higher or lower based on the NPC's happiness level.
Item Cost Availability

Gentleman's BeardGentleman's Beard 5 Always available.
Hair Dye RemoverHair Dye Remover 2 Always available.
Depth Hair DyeDepth Hair Dye 5 Always available.
Life Hair DyeLife Hair Dye 5 If the player has at least 400 maximum life.
Mana Hair DyeMana Hair Dye 5 If the player has at least 200 maximum mana.
Money Hair DyeMoney Hair Dye 10 If the player has at least 1 in their inventory.
Time Hair DyeTime Hair Dye 5 During the night and following day of moon phases 2, 4, 6, and 8: Moon phase 2 (Waning Gibbous) Moon phase 4 (Waning Crescent) Moon phase 6 (Waxing Crescent) Moon phase 8 (Waxing Gibbous).
Team Hair DyeTeam Hair Dye 5 If the player is on a team in multiplayer.
Party Hair DyeParty Hair Dye 750 If there is a Party Girl in the world.
Biome Hair DyeBiome Hair Dye 5 If the world is in Hardmode.
Speed Hair DyeSpeed Hair Dye 5 If the world is in Hardmode and any mechanical boss has been defeated.
Rainbow Hair DyeRainbow Hair Dye 15 If the world is in Hardmode and all three Mechanical bosses have been defeated.
Martian Hair DyeMartian Hair Dye 30 After Martian Madness.
Twilight Hair DyeTwilight Hair Dye 30 After Martian Madness.
Any PylonAny Pylon 10 When in a specific biome and is happy enough.

Living preferences []


For more information, see NPC happiness.

Shimmered form []

Stylist (Shimmered) Map Icon Stylist (Shimmered)
Shimmered Stylist and her Map Icon.

When submerged in Shimmer, the Stylist will transform into her Shimmered form. This has no impact on gameplay or dialogue and is only a visual change. She can be returned to her classic look by submerging her in Shimmer again.


  • Since Spider Caves were added in the 1.2 patch, the Stylist is much harder to obtain in worlds created before 1.2.
    • This also applies to Not the bees worlds, since Spider Caves do not generate.[3]
    • Infested Spider Walls can be crafted and used for this purpose. However, one must throw these walls into Shimmer to obtain versions that allow enemy spawns. Note that regular Spider Walls cannot be used to do this because they're considered as safe walls which does not allowed to spawn NPCs, including the Stylist.
    • It's impossible to obtain in worlds created before 1.2 without the use of third-party software.


  • Positioning oneself with a Spider Cave just off screen and then checking it once in a while for the spawn is an easy way to find her. Using a Battle Potion and running in and out of the Cave will give her a better chance of spawning.
  • A Webbed Stylist can be damaged and killed by spiders (Wall Creeper in pre-Hardmode and Black Recluse in Hardmode). Finding her is therefore made simpler by looking for red damage numbers.
  • Due to how difficult it can be to deal with Black Recluses in early Hardmode, it is recommended to find the Stylist in pre-Hardmode.
  • Once obtained, the Stylist is one of the easiest NPCs to make happy. By placing her in the Ocean biome (a relatively safe biome to build in once reached), alongside the Dye Trader (an easily-obtainable NPC), items can be sold to her for 126% of their usual value.
    • This also allows the Ocean Pylon to be bought, making the trip between a usable Pylon and the Ocean much more convenient (alternatively, the Magic Conch can be used).


The Stylist may have any of the following names:

  • Annabel
  • Biah
  • Bri
  • Brianne
  • Esmeralda
  • Flora
  • Hazel
  • Iris
  • Kati
  • Kylie
  • Lola
  • Meliyah
  • Pearl
  • Petra
  • Rox
  • Roxanne
  • Ruby
  • Scarlett
  • Stella
  • Tallulah


Interaction quotes[]

    • "Check my fresh."
    • "Just a little off the top? That's no fun..."
    • "I have no problem cleaning up ears and eyebrows, but I draw the line at nose hair."
    • "Alright, you sit and marinate. I'll be back to rinse your color out in 25 minutes..."
    • "Short back and sides' is it?"
    • "Those highlights really bring out your eyes!"
    • "My hands are sticky from all that... wax."
    • "Tea? Coffee? Or is it just orange juice again?"
    • "Sit down for a second and I'll have you steppin' razor."
    • "Either you have style, or you get styled."
    • "For you I think we'll do something... low maintenance."
    • "I tried using one of the Dye Master's products once. Ends fried. Disaster."
    • "Oh you poor, poor thing. Just... just sit down here. It'll be okay. Shhhh."

    When first meeting:

    • "Thanks hun! Now I can finally do my hair."
    • "I would have given you a free cut if you'd come earlier."
    • "Don't go exploring with scissors, they said. You won't get trapped in a spider's web, they said!"

    If player's character is male:

    • "Which aftershave can I interest you in today, sir?"
    • "Hello sir, I'm <name of Stylist>, and I'll be your barber today."

    If player's character is female:

    • "Doll, we seriously need to fix those split ends."
    • "Gurrllll! You are my favorite gossip ever."
    • "So a pixie cut, would you like to keep some lady burns?"

    During the morning:

    • "Did you even try to brush your hair today?"

    When Demolitionist is present:

    • "There is nothing I can do for <name of Demolitionist>'s singed head. He's a lost cause."

    When Mechanic, Party Girl, and Nurse are present:

    • "Mhmm, I heard from <name of Party Girl> that <name of Mechanic>'s friend <name of Nurse> spent her boyfriend's last paycheck on shoes."

    When Party Girl is present:

    • "I hope you like what I did to <name of Party Girl>'s hair!"

    When Cyborg is present:

    • "One time I put a wig on <name of Cyborg> just so I could cut his hair. I think he kinda liked it!"

    When Tavernkeep is present:

    • "I offered <name of Tavernkeep> a free trim, but he refused. I mean, I could have at least worked on his mustache!"

    During a Blood Moon:

    • "Tipping IS optional, but remember I have access to scissors and your head."
    • "This is a cut-throat razor by the way."
    • "You better stay outta my hair tonight, hun. I just sharpened my scissors, and I'm looking for an excuse to use them!"

    During a Party:

    • "I may have gotten my hair done up just for today, but honestly, I just want to pop balloons with my scissors."

    During Rain :

    • "That totally will not do. Soggy rat is not a hairstyle!"
    • "What?! It's raining? I just got a perm!"

    During a Thunderstorm:

    • "I'm staying inside! The Einstein look is NOT in fashion."
    • "Like, really? This crazy storm is bad for business!"

    During a Windy Day:

    • "Want windswept hair? Go outside, it's free."
    • "Ugh! I should just take the day off, this wind will blow away all my hard work!"

    When in a Graveyard:

    • "Eek! This deathly atmosphere is ruining my perm!"
    • "I kinda want to go out there and collect heads of hair for wigs, but I kinda don't want to GO OUT THERE!"
  • Happiness quotes []

  • When homeless:

    • "Sorry hun, I can't style hair without a place to set up my station."

    When neutral:

    • "I'm feeling fresh today."

    When far from home:

    • "I'm too far from my tools..."

    When in a sparse area:

    • "Lovely, I get to keep to myself and study my technique without distraction."

    When overcrowded:

    • "Am I hearing spiders? Oh, just noisy neighbors, I don't like that."
    • "I absolutely cannot stand having so many people living around me, I can't focus."

    When in the Ocean:

    • "It's nice, calm atmosphere for cutting hair in the Ocean."

    When in a Snow biome:

    • "Hun, I don't like it here in the Snow, how can anyone show off their hair when it's so cold?"

    When in an Evil biome or the Dungeon:

    • "Ugh, the Corruption/Crimson/Dungeon is causing severe damage to my hair!"

    When near the Dye Trader:

    • "<name of Dye Trader> is quite the looker... so exotic... I think I'm in love..."

    When near the Pirate:

    • "<name of Pirate> is strong and mysterious. I like that."

    When near the Tavernkeep:

    • "I tried to work on <name of Tavernkeep>, but was rudely rejected, I don't like stubborn people!"

    When near the Goblin Tinkerer:

    • "I hate <name of Goblin Tinkerer>, how can you literally NOT grow hair?"

    When near the Princess:

    • "I can't even touch <name of Princess>'s hair, it's too perfect!"
  • Trivia[]

    • The Stylist was created as a result of an official NPC design contest, being a heavily modified version of the Salonist. The original poster, TerrariaOnline poster bwdy (aka avarisc, Ripsand), is credited and thanked in the 1.2.3 changelog, as well as poster Omnir for contributing several of the hairstyles.
    • Her line "Don't go exploring with scissors, they said. You won't get trapped in a spider's web, they said!" is a case of the Laundry Room Viking meme.
      • The phrase "X they said, it would be Y they said" derives from the French comic book series Asterix (first published 1959). One of the catch phrases translated into English as "Join up, they said! It's a man's life, they said!".
    • Despite her quote of "Don't go exploring with scissors, they said. You won't get trapped in a spider's web, they said!", she will attack enemies with her Stylish Scissors as soon as she is freed.
    • In one of her quotes, she refers to the Dye Trader as the "Dye Master."
    • Despite saying "Tea? Coffee? Or is it just orange juice again?", she does not sell tea nor coffee. Also, orange juice does not exist in any version of the game.
    • The Stylist is attracted to the Dye Trader, however the feeling does not appear mutual:
      • According to her happiness quote "<name of Dye Trader> is quite the looker... so exotic... I think I'm in love...". However he has no similar quote.
      • She loves living near him, however he has no NPC he loves to live near, neither is she among the NPCs he likes living near.
    • Her quote "I'm staying inside! The Einstein look is NOT in fashion." is a reference to the fact that the physicist Albert Einstein is often portrayed as having electrified hair. This is further evidenced since the quote only happens during storms.
    • As evidenced by his quote "Am I hearing spiders? Oh, just noisy neighbors, I don't like that.", it's implied the Stylist has some lingering trauma from being trapped in the Spider Cave. Despite this, she does not dislike living in the Underground biome.
    • In the game files, the Stylist has separate "gore" images for her head and hair.

    The BestiaryBestiary entry for the Stylist: "The Stylist loves style, gossip, and hair. Aside from performing a miracle makeover, she sells some hair product as well."


    • Desktop
      • Fixed bug where the Stylist had a hole in her selling list if the player did not meet a requirement.
      • Fixed the Stylist name "Esmeralda" to not have a space at the end.
      • Fixed bug where Queen Statue did not teleport the Stylist.
    • Console 1.0.933.1: Updated to Desktop (includes the Desktop changes). (Xbox One)
    • Console 1.0.750.0: Updated to Desktop (includes the Desktop changes). (PlayStation 4)
    • Console 1.08: Introduced the Stylist along with Hair Dye (Life, Mana, Depth, Money, Time, Team, Biome, Party, Rainbow, and Speed) and Hair Dye Remover.
    • Mobile
      • Updated to Desktop (includes the Desktop changes).
      • Updated store mechanics to match Desktop
    • Mobile 1.2.11212: Introduced the Stylist along with Hair Dye (Life, Mana, Depth, Money, Time, Team, Biome, Party, Rainbow, and Speed) and Hair Dye Remover.


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