Sunglasses are a vanity item worn in the helmet slot. They are quite difficult to obtain due to the requirement of two Black Lenses. Unlike Goggles, Sunglasses provide no armor bonus. Equipping Sunglasses causes the sun to wear Sunglasses. (This effect is only visible to players wearing Sunglasses, so if the player is wearing Sunglasses on multiplayer, other players won't see the effect unless they themselves are also wearing Sunglasses.) The color of the Sunglasses can be changed with dyes, but there is only minimal change between normal and dyed Sunglasses.

Like Goggles, Sunglasses do not cover the player's hair, allowing them to hide a character's helmet and show their hair.


  • Goggles dyed with black dye look visually the same as the Sunglasses and the only change is that the sun won't be wearing Sunglasses.


  • If the player equips Neptune's Shell in their accessories slot and Sunglasses in their social slot, when in water, the sun will not have glasses.
  • The sun's texture changed with update 1.2. However, the sun's texture with Sunglasses has not been changed, so if the Sunglasses are put on, the sun will revert to its classic texture.

Update Info


  • Changed from an armor item to a vanity item.


  • Added to the game.


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