Super Dart Trap is a block that acts like a Dart Trap but is orange in appearance and shoot stronger darts that do around 80 damage. Its darts inflicts the Poisoned debuff similarly to the Dart Trap. It can only be found in the Jungle Temple. After being removed, by using any pickaxe or drill, they may be wired to any other switch or mechanism. The Super Dart Trap will fire at a maximum of 1 dart every 3 seconds. It can shoot through one block, if the block is adjacent to the Super Dart Trap.

When placing Super Dart Traps, they will face in the direction the character is facing.

Super Dart Trap UserPic 1

Relocated Super Dart Trap used with Yellow Pressure Plates to defend from monsters.


  • Sometimes the Super Dart Trap may spawn outside the door in the Jungle Temple, making it easier to obtain.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.