The Tactical Shotgun is a gun weapon. Like the Shotgun and Boomstick this weapon fires multiple (6) pellets. However unlike those two guns the Tactical Shotgun is automatic and can be fired by holding down the left click. It is dropped by Tactical Skeletons.
Tactical Shotgun - Terraria 1

Tactical Shotgun - Terraria 1.2 Guide New Gun!


  • Though it may not appear so due to each pellet dealing less damage, the combined power of all six pellets in a shot hitting (and critting) can actually exceed the maximum damage output of the Sniper Rifle by nearly 1.5x, surpassing the maximum single-shot damage of the Coin Gun as well. This makes it the strongest weapon -per use- in the game currently, though not per hit (Sniper Rifle) or per time (Coin Gun with Platinum Coins for ammo).
  • The highest possible modifier this weapon can obtain is Unreal.
  • Like the Shotgun (which this is a direct upgrade to), it is advised to use only special ammunition with this weapon. Chlorophyte Bullets can all home in on a single enemy and inflict devastating damage when used with this gun.


  • When using Exploding Bullets only 1 bullet will damage the monster/segment of an enemy due to the fact that the bullets explode on impact.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.


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