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I thought jellyfish didn't die when out of water even in real life?.. iirc they have no brain, heart or central nervous system and the ones that do sting remain able to sting when removed from water. So if that's true, how is it an anomoly?

The cells that sting fire harpoon like barbs when a trigger hair is moved. The jellyfish has no control over this so they still fire even when the animal is dead. Jellyfish indeed die out of water but I'm removing the anomaly since many water animals don't die in terraria and we don't need that note on every page. -- 18:50, 25 June 2011 (UTC)

In expert mode they deal a lot of damage to player , if they are hit in melee, while they electrified, don't they ? Although, you get damaged only if you hit them with swords, axes and hammers and other close combat weapons, not flails and yoyos, even though they deal melee damage. Please, add this, I can't edit page, for some reason it appears as white nothingness in edit mode.

After 400 pink jellyfish kills, I cannot get them to drop the Jellyfish Necklace anymore. So I decided to try farming some blue jellyfish and I got two necklaces by the time I hit 90 kills. It's either much rarer from pink, or doesn't drop anymore.