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This template is i18n-ready, which means it is easy to localize for different languages. Please see i18n & l10n for templates to learn more.
See Template:Doc/l10n for the localization of this template.
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This template is used to transclude a template's documentation from its /doc subpage onto the template page itself. Usually, it is located at the bottom of the template code and wrapped in <noinclude> tags: <noinclude>{{doc}}<noinclude>


{{ doc | <documentation source page> | baddoc = y }}

First unnamed parameter

Source page of the documentation, without the /doc suffix. Defaults to the page name, so it can almost always be omitted.


Set this parameter if the documentation seems outdated or insufficient.

See also

  • {{doc/preload}} – Text that will be preloaded into the edit box when the "create" link is clicked on templates with no existing /doc subpage.