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This template uses Lua.
This template uses Module:Exclusive, a script written in the Lua programming language. To learn more about Lua, see Terraria Wiki:Lua.
This template is i18n-ready, which means it is easy to localize for different languages. Please see i18n & l10n for templates to learn more.
Template-info.svg Documentation The documentation below is transcluded from Template:Exclusive icon link/doc. (edit | history)

A short way to make a link that includes {{exclusive icons}}. Acceptable shortcut: {{eil}}.

You can use {{eil/options}} to change default value for some parameters.


First unnamed parameter

Link target and eicons base.

  • For example, {{eil|Tutorial}} returns Tutorial (co3)
  • For example, {{eil|Work Bench}} returns Work Bench (available on all platforms, so there is no icon.)
Second unnamed parameter

Renamed link.

  • For example, {{eil|Tutorial|Tutor}} returns Tutor
  • Inputting an "s" adds an s at the end of the text, for example {{eil|Tutorial|s}} returning Tutorials

Override the link target.

  • For example, {{eil|Tutorial|link=}} returns Tutorial (co3)
epage=[pagename], invert=y, desktop/dsk=y/n, console/cns=y/n, japan/jas=y/n, mobile/mbl=y/n, old-gen/oldgen/old=y/n, 3DS/3ds=y/n

override eicons info. see {{eicons}}. If epage is specified, it will override unnamed parameter 1 and use as exclusive info base page.

  • For example: {{eil|Tutorial|3ds=n}} returns Tutorial (co), {{eil|Tutorial|epage=|invert=y|3ds=n}} returns Tutorial (o), {{eil|Tutorial|epage=|dsk=y}} returns Tutorial (d), {{eil|Tutorial|epage=|link=|mbl=y}} returns Tutorial (m)

size of eicons.
Important note: default is small=y, so if you need, you should use small=n explicitly.

  • For example, {{eil|Tutorial|small=n}} returns Tutorial

disable link

  • For example, {{eil|Tutorial|nolink=y}} returns Tutorial