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See Template:Expert/l10n for the localization of this template.
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This template is used to indicate an Expert Mode-only value. It links to the Expert Mode page. The template should only be used to signify that a value is Expert-exclusive where this would be too long or awkward to express in text, e.g. when comparing to Classic or Master values. It should not be applied to anything Expert-exclusive, in order to prevent disrupting the flow of reading unnecessarily.


  • {{ expert | <Expert value> }}

If the value changes in Hardmode or after defeating Plantera, place the Hardmode value as the second parameter and the post-Plantera value as the third parameter:

  • {{ expert | <Expert value> | <Expert Hardmode value> | <Expert Hardmode post-Plantera value> }}
nl / nolink

Set to prevent linking. Can be useful when the value contains links (which would otherwise break the template).

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