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This template is used to add interlanguage links to articles on the Terraria Wiki. Supported languages include Spanish, German, Russian, French and Japanese.

Attention niels epting.svg Warning: Place this template at the very bottom of the page, below everything else in the article.
| es = (Spanish) Title of article on
| de = (German) Title of article on
| ru = (Russian) Title of article on
| fr = (French) Title of article on
| ja = (Japanese) Title of article on

Example for the Main page: The URL for the Russian main page isТеррария_вики. To create the interwiki link, grab the part after "/wiki/" and set "ru = Террария_вики" in the template. Do likewise for,テラリア_Wiki

Code to place at the very bottom of the main page on our wiki:

| es = Wiki Terraria 
| de = Terraria Wiki
| ru = Террария вики
| fr = Wiki Terraria 
| ja = テラリア Wiki

Result which appears at the bottom of the article:

Languages: Deutsch | Español | Русский | Français | 日本語

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