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This template is i18n-ready, which means it is easy to localize for different languages. Please see i18n & l10n for templates to learn more.
See Template:Modifier/l10n for the localization of this template.
This template uses Lua.
This template uses Module:Modifier, a script written in the Lua programming language. To learn more about Lua, see Terraria Wiki:Lua.
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This template is used to display a weapon's or tool's best modifier.


{{ modifier | <item category> | plural = y/yes (optional) }}

Item category1
How to roughly categorize the item, which determines its best modifier.
Plural page titleplural
Set if the page title is plural, e.g. on "Luminite Axes".
Auto value:
True (1/y/yes)

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.

List of item categories
Parameter value Description
melee Most melee weapons.
meleealt Weapons that cannot get size modifiers. For example: yoyos, flails, and spears.
harvest Melee "weapons" that are mainly used for harvesting tiles.
harvestalt Weapons listed on Mining speed where Legendary is equivalent to Light in speed boost.
harvestlow Melee "weapons" with very low base damage (preventing them from getting Legendary) that are mainly used for harvesting tiles.
harvestlowalt Weapons that have very low base damage and are listed on Mining speed where Legendary is equivalent to Light in speed boost.
ranged Most ranged weapons.
rangednokb Ranged weapons with no knockback.
magic Most magic weapons.
magicsummon Magic weapons that continue dealing damage after the user switches weapons (and have non-zero knockback).
magicnokb Magic weapons with no knockback.
magiclow Magic weapons with a base mana cost of 4.
magicverylow Magic weapons with a base mana cost of 3 or less.
magiclownokb Magic weapons with a base mana cost of 3 or less and no knockback.
summon Most summon weapons.
whip Whips.
nokb Weapons with no knockback.
nokbalt Weapons with no knockback whose speed cannot be altered either.
prefixnote Outputs the note for items beginning with "the" and the grammar bug.
none Any weapon that cannot be reforged.

The first parameter may also be omitted, in which case the template will automatically attempt to determine the correct item category. It takes the page name as the item by default; use the $item or $itemid parameters to overwrite this. However, note that a first parameter should always be provided on regular item pages, since this functionality is merely an aid for selecting the category. The algorithm may fail in certain cases and it is not optimized for usage within an article.


Code Result
{{modifier|melee|plural=1}} Their best modifier is Legendary.
{{modifier|item=Wand of Sparking}} Its best modifier is Demonic or Deadly, with the former granting improved critical strike chance and the latter granting improved speed. It cannot get modifiers that affect knockback or mana cost.