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This template is to create a tooltip. It is recommended to use both parameters.

When using this template inside another template, rather than directly linking to the template, please write:

{{subst:Tooltip|text to display|tooltip to display}}

This prevents a common error that causes the visual editor to not work. You do not need to do this when using it alone, but only when using it another template(such as an infobox). Note that, when the template gets edited, the changes will not show up when using the code above.

Another thing to note is that using quotation marks (") in the second parameter will cause the template to break. To prevent that, write " instead of quotation marks. This will cause the browser to display a quotation mark without treating it as HTML syntax, thus not breaking the template.


|Text to display
|Text to display when mouse-over

Example Usage


{{Tooltip|ime|In My Experience}} Mushroom Grass Seeds are not quite rare.

Result: ime Mushroom Grass Seeds are not quite rare.

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