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Template-info.svg Documentation The documentation below is transcluded from Template:Tr/doc. (edit | history)

This template translates a given game term from English into another language, based on the translation databases. It is one of the most powerful and crucial templates for the translation projects.


{{ tr | lang = <target language> (optional) | <term to translate> | link = y (optional) }}

First unnamed parameter

The term that is to be translated. It needs to be registered in the translation database for the target language, otherwise the template will simply display the term, untranslated.


Language code of the language to translate the term into. Defaults to {{lang}}, so it can almost always be omitted.


Display the link to the page of the term in the target language, instead of the translated term itself. While this will usually have no effect on off-wiki language wikis (de, fr, hu, ko, ru, pl, pt, uk, zh) since these have page names in their languages, its effect is important for the other language wikis, whose page names are in English.


The $lang parameter is used here for demonstrative purposes. In the vast majority of cases, it can be omitted as it will automatically detect the correct target language via {{lang}}.

Code Result
{{tr|lang=it|Dirt Block}} Blocco di terra
{{tr|lang=it|Dirt Wings}} Dirt Wings
{{tr|lang=it|Dirt Block|link=y}} Dirt Block/it

Based on performance considerations, input text is case-sensitive.

Code Result
{{tr|lang=it|Dirt Block}} Blocco di terra
{{tr|lang=it|Dirt block}} Dirt block
{{tr|lang=it| Dirt Block }} Blocco di terra
{{tr|lang=it|Dirt    Block}} Dirt Block

Translation databases

The following templates hold all translations that {{tr}} bases its output on.

Flag bg.svg Bulgarian: Template:Tr/db-bg
Flag cz.svg Czech: Template:Tr/db-cs
Flag dk.svg Danish: Template:Tr/db-da
Flag de.svg German: Template:Tr/db-de
Flag gr.svg Greek: Template:Tr/db-el
Flag es.svg Spanish: Template:Tr/db-es
Flag fi.svg Finnish: Template:Tr/db-fi
Flag fr.svg French: Template:Tr/db-fr
Flag hu.svg Hungarian: Template:Tr/db-hu
Flag id.svg Indonesian: Template:Tr/db-id
Flag it.svg Italian: Template:Tr/db-it
Flag jp.svg Japanese: Template:Tr/db-ja
Flag kr.svg Korean: Template:Tr/db-ko
Flag lt.svg Lithuanian: Template:Tr/db-lt
Flag lv.svg Latvian: Template:Tr/db-lv
Flag nl.svg Dutch: Template:Tr/db-nl
Flag no.svg Norwegian: Template:Tr/db-no
Flag pl.svg Polish: Template:Tr/db-pl
Flag pt.svg Portuguese: Template:Tr/db-pt
Flag ro.svg Romanian: Template:Tr/db-ro
Flag ru.svg Russian: Template:Tr/db-ru
Flag sk.svg Slovak: Template:Tr/db-sk
Flag se.svg Swedish: Template:Tr/db-sv
Flag th.svg Thai: Template:Tr/db-th
Flag tr.svg Turkish: Template:Tr/db-tr
Flag ua.svg Ukrainian: Template:Tr/db-uk
Flag vn.svg Vietnamese: Template:Tr/db-vi
Flag cn.svg Cantonese: Template:Tr/db-yue
Flag cn.svg Chinese: Template:Tr/db-zh

See also

  • {{tr2e}} for the reverse functionality, translating a term from a local language back to English.