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This template helps organizing the many translation projects of the Terraria Wiki. It should be transcluded on every mainspace article.


It handles three tasks:

  1. Indexing a page if it pertains to a translation project, i.e. categorizing it appropriately and adding an identifier to it.
  2. Translating the page's title.
  3. Adding interwiki links to all translated versions of the page.

The template is fully automatic, hence it takes the information it needs for the first task from the article's title and the information it needs for the second task from the wiki's page database.


Pages will only be categorized and provided with an identifier if the last subpage level equals any of the available languages' language codes listed in the table below. The category will be the respective <language> translation category, found in the main category. The identifier consists of a flag of the country that the language is generally associated with. It will be visible in the upper right corner of the page, in the page status indicator section. It can be clicked to reveal a banner with a short informational sentence and clicked again to hide it again.

Language Language code Category Flag
Bulgarian bg Bulgarian translation Flag bg.svg
Czech cs Czech translation Flag cz.svg
Danish da Danish translation Flag dk.svg
Greek el Greek translation Flag gr.svg
Spanish es Spanish translation Flag es.svg
Finnish fi Finnish translation Flag fi.svg
Indonesian id Indonesian translation Flag id.svg
Italian it Italian translation Flag it.svg
Japanese ja Japanese translation Flag jp.svg
Lithuanian lt Lithuanian translation Flag lt.svg
Latvian lv Latvian translation Flag lv.svg
Dutch nl Dutch translation Flag nl.svg
Norwegian no Norwegian translation Flag no.svg
Romanian ro Romanian translation Flag ro.svg
Slovak sk Slovak translation Flag sk.svg
Swedish sv Swedish translation Flag se.svg
Thai th Thai translation Flag th.svg
Turkish tr Turkish translation Flag tr.svg
Vietnamese vi Vietnamese translation Flag vn.svg
Cantonese yue Cantonese translation Flag cn.svg

Interwiki links

The template also creates language interwiki links to all existing translation project subpages of the current page. These will appear in the "In other languages" section in the sidebar on the left. Note that this only applies only to the translation projects listed in the table above, and not to translation projects moved to an own subdomain, such as French or Russian.


{{ translation projects | displaytitle = <translated page title> }}

Place this code at the very bottom of the page, below interwiki links to completed language projects.


Use this parameter to provide a custom translation of the page title. It defaults to {{tr}}, and can thus usually be omitted.

Handle translation-related tasks. Automatically add interwiki links to other languages (does not add links to language wikis with an own subdomain, such as French or Russian).

Template parameters

Page titledisplaytitle

The translation of the page title. Defaults to {{tr}}.