The Terra Blade is considered the strongest sword in the game. It has the highest base damage and fires a very fast, low use-time magical sword. The projectile pierces enemies and continues forever until it hits something or it goes off screen, unlike the True Night's Edge or the True Excalibur. However, it cannot be swung continuously. The best prefix that this weapon can get is Legendary.

Terra Blade Shot

Player swinging a Terra Blade


  • Being a low-use rate projectile weapon, the "ping" signifies that the next charge is ready.
  • During the time that you have sent the projectile and not heard the "ping", you will not be able to switch weapons.


  • The name Terra Blade may be a combination of Terraria and Blade.
  • The name might also come from the Latin 'Terra' - which means earth.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.


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