See this page for a reference of commands and concepts relating to this wiki's IRC

This page contains joining info for this wiki's IRC channel.


  1. Enter the name you would like to use in field labelled "Nickname". It is recommended, but not required, that you use your on-wiki username for this field.
  2. The "Channels" field should be pre-filled with #terraria-wikia. Leave that as it is unless you wish to visit another channel on the GameSurge network.
  3. Click the "Connect" button. Once it is connected, you will be talking in #terraria-wikia.


  • Be aware that, with the exception of the syntax and emoticon info, the wiki's chat guidelines also apply to IRC.
  • If you have an IRC client, click here to join the channel via your client. Otherwise, you can join via the module above.
  • If you want to get someone's attention, type their full username in a message.
  • Private messages can be sent using the command /query <username>, typing /privmsg <username> <message>, or by simply clicking the "query" button from the dropdown menu when you click on someone's name.