The Breaker is a Demonite-tier hammer that deals 24 damage with a very slow speed and a hammer power of 55%. It is equivalent in hammer power to the Gold Hammer and is one tier lower than the Meteor Hamaxe. Although it does far more damage than the Gold Hammer, the Gold Hammer has a faster speed, making it more efficient as a tool. While swinging this item, you cannot turn around but you can "Moonwalk" (walk backwards while swinging.) It is crafted with 10 Demonite Bars and 5 Shadow Scales at an Iron Anvil. It is the counterpart of the Flesh Grinder.

Swinging "The Breaker"

Items Requiring Demonite
Armor Shadow Helmet · Shadow Scalemail · Shadow Greaves
Tools Fisher of Souls · Nightmare Pickaxe · The Breaker · War Axe of the Night
Weapons Demon Bow · Light's Bane · Malaise
Other Demonite Bar · Demonite Brick
Items Requiring Shadow Scales
Tools Nightmare Pickaxe · The Breaker
Armor Shadow Scalemail · Shadow Greaves · Shadow Helmet
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