Template:Parody The USSR stands for Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. It was also called the idiotic Soviet Union. It was a "country" made by peasants, for peasants in northern Eurasia, which existed since a bunch of peasant Russians revolted against their **** Tsar. Later a bunch of glorious East Germans and another bunch of random people, who were living in the bad side of Berlin at the time, destroyed a wall which had something to do with "A divided country conquered by Bolshevik *******". That set the USSR and its empire into decline.

The USSR is infamous for being in a war with the stupid USA, in an act called "The Hot War". Anyways, they never even shot each other, they just hated their methods of Capitalism vs Communism. Capitalism won just because the Soviets are idiots who have negative IQs.


File:Soviet flag.png

Aaah...The USSR. Such a ghetto place to be it was. They paid nothing you needed, they gave you free grass to eat, education to make you more ignorant, and nothing else

Russians are Dogs

They are Slavic ******* should be butchered. They will be sent to Auschwitz and eaten by Jews. They are ugly pricks who have unibrows, and cheeks so prominent that it looks like they are mutants.

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