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The Thorn Chakram is a unique throwing weapon. When thrown, the Thorn Chakram will ricochet exactly five times off of walls and then will return to the player. When the weapon hits an enemy, it will return immediately.

As of 1.0.4, the Thorn Chakram can be thrown through walls of 1 block thickness, provided your character is standing against said wall. This is likely due to the spawn of the Thorn Chakram relative to the character. The Thorn Chakram will pass through the wall regardless of where the player clicks, so long as it is aimed at the wall.

As of 1.0.6, the Thorn Chakram can be crafted with 15 Jungle Spores and 20 Stingers


If the Thorn Chakram is used properly, you can manage to get multiple hits in a single throw. When it is returning to you, it will travel through multiple enemies, causing them all to be damaged. You can also bounce it off the wall behind your target and it will hit the target in the back, bounce away, then hit it again while it is returning. The Thorn Chakram also has a chance to poison any mob that it touches for 1 damage per second. The mob will turn green if it is poisoned.

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Trivia: The chakram, sometimes called a war quoit, is a throwing weapon from India. Its shape is of a flat metal hoop with a sharp outer edge from 5–12 inches (130–300 mm) in diameter. The chakram was designed to be thrown but could also be used in-close. Because of its aerodynamic shape it is not easily deflected by wind. The word Chakram comes from the Sanskrit term chakra, meaning circle or wheel.

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