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==Update Info==
==Update Info==
{{UpdateInfo|1.1|Sprite change.|Now inflicts melee damage.|1.0.1|Now inflicts the [[Poisoned]] debuff.|Changed name from "Thorn Chakrum" to "Thorn Chakram".|Crafting recipe changed.}}[[Category:Weapons]]
*Sprite change.
*Now inflicts melee damage.
*Now inflicts the [[Poisoned]] debuff.
*Changed name from 'Chakrum' to 'Chackram'.
*Changed recipe.
PC Release
*Added to the game.
[[Category:Ranged Weapons]]
[[Category:Ranged Weapons]]
[[Category:Throwing Weapons]]
[[Category:Throwing Weapons]]

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The Thorn Chakram is a throwing weapon. When thrown, the Thorn Chakram will ricochet off of walls and then will return to the player. As soon as the weapon hits an enemy, it will return immediately.
Terraria - Flamarang Thorn Chakrum

Terraria - Flamarang Thorn Chakrum


  • You can throw the Thorn Chakram through a 1 block-wide wall if you stand right up against it.
  • The Thorn Chakram can be bounced around corners when thrown at the correct angle.
  • The Thorn Chakram will ricochet a maximum of 5 times, but has a maximum range of approximately 22 blocks.
  • Once the Thorn Chakram returns to the player, it can immediately be thrown again.
  • This can be compared to a boomarang, especially the Flamarang


  • The Chakram, sometimes called a war quoit, is a throwing weapon from India. Its shape is of a flat metal hoop with a sharp outer edge from 5–12 inches (13–30 cm) in diameter. The chakram was designed to be thrown but could also be used for up-close combat. Because of its aerodynamic shape it is not easily deflected by wind. The word Chakram comes from the Sanskrit term chakra, meaning circle or wheel.

Update Info


  • Sprite change.
  • Now inflicts melee damage.


  • Now inflicts the Poisoned debuff.
  • Changed name from "Thorn Chakrum" to "Thorn Chakram".
  • Crafting recipe changed.

PC release

  • Added to the game.
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