Template:Infobox-Weapons The Thorn Chakram is a throwing weapon. When thrown, the Thorn Chakram will ricochet off of walls and then will return to the player. When the Thorn Chakram hits an enemy, it will return immediately.



  • You can throw the Thorn Chakram through 1 block walls if you stand right up against them.
  • The Thorn Chakram can be bounced around corners when thrown at the right angle.
  • The Thorn Chakram will ricochet a maximum of 5 times.
  • While wearing full Necro Armor, The Thorn Chakram's damage is upgraded from 25 damage to 28 damage.

Update Info


  • Changed Name: Chakrum to Chakram
  • Changed recipe


The Chakram, sometimes called a war quoit, is a throwing weapon from India. Its shape is of a flat metal hoop with a sharp outer edge from 5–12 inches (130–300 mm) in diameter. The chakram was designed to be thrown but could also be used in-close. Because of its aerodynamic shape it is not easily deflected by wind. The word Chakram comes from the Sanskrit term chakra, meaning circle or wheel.

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